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8 April 2022 OMK and the MISiS National and Technology University Jointly to Develop Promising Products for Energy Sector
8 October 2021 OMK Presents Import Substitution Product for Off-Shore Well Construction at St. Petersburg International Gas Forum
7 October 2021 OMK Presents In-House Star-Studded Line of Premium Threaded Casing Connections at St. Petersburg International Gas Forum
12 August 2021 OMK Successfully Concludes Testing of Tubulars with Premium Threaded Connections per «ISO 13679»
19 January 2021 Installation of Principal Process Equipment Commences at OMK's Future Seamless Pipe Mill in Nizhniy Novgorod Region
15 July 2020 First Pieces of Equipment Arrive at OMK’s Future Seamless Pipe Mill