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12 August 2021

OMK Successfully Concludes Testing of Tubulars with Premium Threaded Connections per «ISO 13679»

The United Metallurgical Company, a national leader in the manufacture of tubulars for the oil and gas sector, has successfully completed the ISO 13679 testing of casing specimens with the OMK POLAR* premium coupled gas-tight threaded connection. The outcomes of the testing to the most stringent CAL IV level confirmed that OMK tubulars can be used in the construction of oil and gas wells under extreme loads, including wells at offshore oil and gas fields.

The qualification was performed at the Oil States Industries (Scotland) international testing laboratory and witnessed by third-party experts.

During the test series, the OMK tubulars were subjected to combination loads that simulate the worst possible operating conditions inside the wellbore. As a result, OMK pipe specimens confirmed that the threaded connection is abrasion-resistant during multiple make-ups and break-downs. They remained leak-free under a combination of tensile, compressive, and bending loads as well as external and internal pressure. They remained gas-tight under mechanical and thermal cycling at temperatures of up to 180°C.

Premium tubular qualification under ISO 13679 is one of the key requirements from domestic and international oil companies for product certification for complex on- and offshore oil and gas projects.

«A certificate of successful testing to the most stringent CAL IV level is a guarantee for customers that OMK OCTG product is reliable and high-quality. Last year, we commissioned a state-of-the-art finishing center for OCTG tubulars with premium and semi-premium threaded connections for up to 120,000 tons a year in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region and are currently completing the construction of a seamless pipe mill. The qualification of our premium tubulars per ISO 13679 became the next logical step in the OMK development strategy for the OCTG premium connection segment», noted OMK Energy CEO Vadim Sakharniuk.


*The OMK POLAR premium coupled connection is an in-house OMK design. It has a metal-to-metal end seal of a special design that helps a casing string remain leak-free under combination tensile, compressive, and bending loads in sloping and horizontal boreholes

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