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Contacts of the supervision service
Ivan N. Plekhanov Supervising Lead
  • Extended training for the contractor drilling team in connection assembly
  • Involvement in visual inspection of pipes prior to running them into the well for any damage in transit
  • Supervised pipe preparation for running:
    • Drifting;
    • Removal of preservation grease;
    • Tubular trip back to the rig with protective cowling;
    • Pipe integrity inspection before make-up;
  • Witnessing of 100% pipe make-up at the rig to monitor correct threaded connection make-up:
    • Adjustment of make-up torque based on specific running conditions;
    • Support of wellbore equipment assembly using crossovers;
    • Judgment calls regarding made up connections;
  • Monitoring of compliance with all the requirements of the driller and service provider operating manual for casing and tubing
  • Round-the-clock technical support from threaded connection designers
  • Issuance and signing of string hydraulic testing certificate